Looking to get a sleeping bag for your outdoorsy kid?

Question: Are you looking to get a sleeping bag for your outdoorsy kid? I was recently looking for a beginning backpacking sleeping bag for my kids. Something that is warm enough for use on cool summer nights, relatively durable (so that they can play around in them at home), and inexpensive (they are growing fast). […]

Can you build your own ozone generator?

DIY Ozone Generator

Question: Can you build your own ozone generator for reducing scent from your hunting gear? I use my clothing and packs for sweat-inducing hunts during the early season but also want to use the same gear for tree stand hunting. I’ve tried a number of things and started looking at ozone systems for reducing scent […]

Spotting Scope – Spotting Scope Basics – Why and when

This is indirect but, carrying a tripod seems to be the key part for me. When I carry a tripod, I take the time to sit down and glass over an area. When I’m not carrying a tripod then I do the old stand up and quick scan with the binoculars. You see very little […]

Kamik Hunter Boot (Winter Rubber Boots)

Kamik Hunter Winter Rubber Boots

Hey there. I just wanted to tell you about these Kamik insulated hunter rubber boots. I wear these boots while checking trail cameras and treestand hunting until it gets really cold – then I go to true winter boots. They’re not built for hiking, don’t use them for that. When I’m trying to stay scent-free […]

HME Accessory Hooks

HME Accessory Hooks

Good quality hooks for hanging stuff in your tree stand. Transcript of the video: Today, these Hunting Made Easy accessory hooks. Alright. Simple gear, simple review. Accessory hook. Screw into the tree. Hang your gear on them. Now, if they’re really cheap they’re no good. You can’t trust them. If this the steel doesn’t feel […]

Stay warm while hunting | Gear review and tip

A gear review and tip to help stay warm while deer hunting. A heated vest has allowed me to stay warm and to wear less bulk when sitting still during cold weather. Milwaukee M12 Heated Ripstop Vest Kit: https://amzn.to/2LpwUey (USA) Milwaukee M12 Heated Ripstop Vest Kit: https://amzn.to/2tYHL35 (Canada) Now, I have not tried this particular […]