Is our scent sticky? — A deer hunting question.

Is our scent sticky

I could use your help, I have a question. Well I guess I have many questions, but this is just one. Is our airborne scent sticky? Now what do I mean by that? When we are walking along and touch something, that certainly leaves scent behind. So even if the wind is going the […]

Passing debt to our Grandkids

Passing debt to our Grand kids

Let’s talk about debt. Lots of political parties out there like to talk about not carrying debt onto our grandkids. Love it, I also agree, absolutely. There’s no reason to not have balanced budgets, and make sure that we aren’t making them pay off our fiscal debt. Now, what about a resource or environmental debt? […]

Thinking Out Loud – Human Impacts

Human Impacts - Thinking Out Loud

I get to live in BC, I’m a lucky guy. One of North America’s last wildlife frontiers. Not too shabby. But, we’re not going in the right direction. January 2018. I have an article here that was published in the journal Conservation Biology. The title of the article is “Threats to biodiversity from cumulative human […]