HME Accessory Hooks

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Good quality hooks for hanging stuff in your tree stand.

Transcript of the video:

Today, these Hunting Made Easy accessory hooks.

Alright. Simple gear, simple review. Accessory hook.

Screw into the tree. Hang your gear on them. Now, if they’re really cheap they’re no good. You can’t trust them. If this the steel doesn’t feel like it is going to hold any kind of weight whatsoever, no good. And if it’s too frustrating to use, as in the threads and the point isn’t sharp enough and the threads aren’t well sharpened then it’s a real pain to put in the tree in the first place.

This is a good balance. It feels strong. Inexpensive. Goes into the tree really well. And minor things like the rubberized, whatever this is, PVC coating that is on top. One it makes things a little quieter, which is nice. But what I’ve always found too, especially when it gets chilly and you are using gloves you go to set something on it, something that it is metal and the nylon strap or your pack or something like that and it feels like it’s going to go for a ride.

No good.

With this little bit of a lip at the corner and it is some kind of PVC coating on it give its just enough friction that it’s probably not, or at least it feels more secure when you hang something in there.

This is strong enough for my day pack. If its hanging off the back of the tree.

Yeah, not the most, the sexiest piece of gear that you have in your kit but if you are sitting in a tree these are handy to have, inexpensive, and these ones work well. Link in the below. See ya.

HME Accessory Hooks

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