Is our scent sticky? — A deer hunting question.

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I could use your help, I have a question. Well I guess I have many questions, but this is just one. Is our airborne scent sticky? 

Now what do I mean by that? When we are walking along and touch something, that certainly leaves scent behind. So even if the wind is going the other direction, a deer comes by, it can smell that we touched that. So there’s scent left by contact.

The question comes from: If we’re sitting in a tree and the air is blowing in direction A for a while.  And then, it shifts to a different direction.

  1. Does it simply take just the time that it takes for the wind to clear out?
  2. Or is some of that airborne scent actually sticking to those trees, and it takes longer than just the simple air movement to remove that scent from that direction?

Another way of asking, I guess, is that if the wind blows from a poor direction, does that mean that stand is essentially done for just the amount of time that it takes for the wind to change? Or is it done for the meaningful duration of that sit?

If you’re able to give me the answer of what you think it is, is airborne, our airborne scent sticky? Please leave an answer in the comments. I’m curious to see what you think. I’m curious and could use your help 🙂 Thanks.

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