Looking to get a sleeping bag for your outdoorsy kid?

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Question: Are you looking to get a sleeping bag for your outdoorsy kid?

I was recently looking for a beginning backpacking sleeping bag for my kids. Something that is warm enough for use on cool summer nights, relatively durable (so that they can play around in them at home), and inexpensive (they are growing fast). Let’s look at what I bought and if I am happy with it so far.

Sleeping bag choices come down to tradeoffs:

  • Warmer, lighter in weight, compresses smaller = higher cost.
  • Middle Ground
  • Not as warm, heavier, poor compression = lower cost.

The cost goes up with a warmer bag (more fill to keep you warm), lighter in weight (down is lighter and more expensive than synthetic fill), and compression matters when trying to squeeze things into a backpack (down compresses better than synthetics).

What I bought:

I came across a sleeping bag on amazon, Wenzel Backyard Sleeping Bag.

Amazon.com —  Amazon.ca

It is decidedly on the lower cost side of options but has turned out to be just fine for its intended purpose. It is not terribly light weight and does not compress well, but at this point in their backpacking experience, it’s the only thing that they are carrying (I have the rest).


Pleasantly surprised. Good quality for the price, warm for the price. Fits the needs of a kid just getting introduced to backpacking.

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