Passing debt to our Grandkids

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Let’s talk about debt.

Lots of political parties out there like to talk about not carrying debt onto our grandkids.

Love it, I also agree, absolutely. There’s no reason to not have balanced budgets, and make sure that we aren’t making them pay off our fiscal debt.

Now, what about a resource or environmental debt? Is that fair to pass on to our grandkids? I don’t think so. Can’t imagine you do either.

So, the problem that I have is – Why don’t enough of the political parties talk about that resource environmental debt?

For instance, here in BC we’ve got unbelievable space. Over 90% of it is owned by us, the public. And for example, one of its biggest drivers, is the forestry industry. And there’s a lot of jobs there, and they make an awful lot of pulp and paper and wood.

Awesome. But it’s out of balance, as in, there’s a debt. The resource extraction has an impact on wildlife values. So essentially the books for our public space is out of balance, and therefore in debt to something. Now, maybe it is in your neck of the woods too.

May it be oil and gas extraction, or forestry, or urban sprawl, or agriculture, or something else. Maybe we should demand a little bit more from your political parties. Because here, in BC, fiber is starting to take a precedence over well, most of the other stuff. Elk, mule deer, mountain caribou.

They don’t do well in a forest that’s driven by fiber production.

They do well in a forest that has a higher influence of fire, a more diverse range of species in the forest.

So, there’s a debt, and I would like to see that doesn’t get passed on to my grandkids.

That’s today’s rant. If you agree with what I’m saying, say so, give me a comment. If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, say so, leave a comment. Constructive, please :-). Thanks, see you around.

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