Spotting Scope – Spotting Scope Basics – Why and when

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This is indirect but, carrying a tripod seems to be the key part for me.

When I carry a tripod, I take the time to sit down and glass over an area. When I’m not carrying a tripod then I do the old stand up and quick scan with the binoculars.

You see very little with that kind of looking.

A short video for you today, about optics, tripods, and why.

So taking a tripod with optics, (spotting scope and/or binoculars) is pretty self-explanatory when you’re starting to get above treeline into the alpine. You can cover an extraordinary amount of ground instead of having to walk it, moving across ridge lines, the next peak, so on and so forth. (BC Mountain Goat Hunt, for instance)

Now, hear me out.

The spotting scope has also started to help my below treeline hunts. If it’s just open enough and there’s just enough variation in the elevation and terrain that I am hunting, it has made me slow down.

So, I carry it. Because I’m carrying it I take the time to stop.

I’m the type of person, maybe you are too, that without that I’m just pounding through areas.

I’m more hiking than hunting. I enjoy hunting in the mountains, in part, because I like to move and I that’s why I end up sort of going past areas with a quick cursory glance. I say, “well guess nothings here” and move on, and because of that I miss opportunities.

Carrying the tripod and scope has really helped me be more patient. The grass is not always greener on the next side, and so what it does is it let’s me pick points where I go out and sit. Because I have that spotting scope, I have the ability to pick it apart, and so I do. And then you see what you would have missed if you just walked on past.

The one I have is a Vortex Razor. I did some research before buying, there are some really good videos out there comparing the different brands, sizes, so on. You’ve got lots of choices but this video is actually more about, I guess, WHY I wanted to use it as opposed to the specific spotting scope that I had.

This is maybe not all that profound but I’m just saying that you may find a spotting scope more useful than just your classic alpine deer, sheep, or goat hunt. If you’re like me and sometimes you’re just too eager and antsy to just keep pushing to the next spot, try carrying a tripod with you. Tripod with your binoculars or spotting scope or both. But having that tripod and the ability to sit down and work your way through has really helped me out. So I thought maybe it’d help you too 🙂

Leave me a comment below and especially if you’ve noticed the same thing by slowing down using your optics, maybe its old hat, maybe this is just common knowledge but for me actively and doing that really helped me out. Love to hear your feedback!

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